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Waypoint Information Services is built on experience.

Our consultants have seen and worked on literally hundreds of supply chains across the full range of the FMCG/packaged goods industry. We have global experience and have seen supply chains in all stages of development with different competitive pressures and different strategic imperatives. This experience has been distilled and is the knowledge core supporting our supply chain consultancy business.

Do you recognise this business?

……At a time of increasing competitive pressures, they are struggling with the hangover of past success – store networks built for another era, high costs and uncompetitive price structures…(source Lex: FT April 2004)

It was actually written about Marks & Spencers but could apply to many other businesses struggling to adjust to a more dynamic, competitive on-demand environment.

Waypoint Information services helps you:

• understand the competitive inertia built into your supply chain,
• create strategic frameworks for more responsive supply
• manage a structured project portfolio to deliver more efficient solutions